During my first two years of teaching, I planned day-to-day without putting a lot of thought into how to make my units really sparkle. As I’m trying to figure out what I need on hand during the school year, two things came to mind:

  1. A quick library where I can store lots of good resources that I might want to use
  2. A clear, concise list of the most crucial resources for my unit.

This site is my attempt to collect lots of good resources (without worrying about the clutter that can come with sticking these things all on one page) and to determine which of my resources are most crucial for my units. I chose 5 as a nice number of things to save, because 4 would be too few, 6 too many.

At the very top of the page you can find the 5 things that I currently find most important for my units, and on the side you can find everything that I’ve saved, organized by category.

The 5 links are my favorite things right now, not mine a month from now, and probably not your’s. Feel free to comment on those pages if you think you’ve got something crucial, though.


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